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Zuid-Limburg offers a wide variety of options in a small space and not just in terms of leisure activities. Even with the overnight accommodation, the region has plenty to offer: one to five star hotels, spa resorts, castle hotels, design hotels, bed and breakfasts, cosy family-run guest houses, apartments, or apartment hotels. There is something suitable for everyone here!

If you prefer self-catering and closeness to nature there is a range of holiday parks and campsites to choose from. A very special experience too, is what we call farm camping.

Overnight stays in Zuid-Limburg

Spa resorts

Zuid-Limburg offers you a wide selection of spa hotels that have relaxation as their middle name! For example, the Parkhotel in Valkenburg or the Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek in Vaals. Spa resorts, in the truest sense of the word, are what you'll find in the Thermae 2OOO in Valkenburg and Wellness Sittard, with their complementary hotels.

Palace and Castle Hotels

A special highlight of the region is the large number of palace and castle hotels. The Château St. Gerlach in Valkenburg, for example, is a wonderful place to spend a few relaxing days when in Zuid-Limburg. In addition to the authentic and individually furnished hotel rooms, this four star hotel boasts a cosy bar, seminar rooms, a spa and wellness area with swimming pool and two restaurants.

Further palace and castle hotels: Kasteel Geulzicht in Berg en Terblijt, Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek, Kasteel Wittem, Kasteel TerWorm in Heerlen or Château Bethlehem in Maastricht.

Holiday parks

For those preferring self-catering accommodation in the countryside Zuid-Limburg has got a wide range of possibilities too. For example, the charming and spacious apartments and villas of Landal Kasteeldomein De Cauberg and the bungalows at Landal Hoog Vaals. In Zuid-Limburg there is something to suit everyone’s taste!


Beyond their borders the Dutch are known for their passion for camping. Hence, Zuid-Limburg too, offers an amazing variety of campsites to discover. Nature lovers can share a field with cows or horses on one of the farm campsites. From each campsite you can set straight off on extensive bicycle and hiking tours. In the Netherlands it is not allowed to camp outside campsites.

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