The use of cookies on our website

The use of cookies on our website website places cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed onto a pc, tablet or mobile telephone, by a website. These cookies are used to enhance the website’s functionality and to monitor website visits. In this way the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board Foundation can check how many people have visited its website within a certain time frame. The Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board Foundation cannot identify a pc or individual from this data.

Why cookies?
Web pages do not have a memory. When visiting different pages of a website, the website visitor is regarded as a new visitor on each website page. Cookies help websites to recognise your browser.

The use of cookies uses different cookies, for different purposes. Please take in account that by rejecting (certain) cookies, you possibly cannot make use of all the website’s functionalities. Below you can find a survey of the different cookies that we put on your device and the corresponding purposes.

1. Functionality cookies, which make it possible for you to visit, to have the website functioning properly and to remember your user preferences. This category includes the Google Maps application, which enables you to search for:
- the records of the local tourist information offices
- the records of the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board members

Google Maps sets cookies to keep track of statistics on the use of Google Maps itself and to store preferences (like the kind of version being used).

2. Google analytics cookies, to gain insight into how our visitors use (parts of) Think of visitor numbers, popular pages and subjects. In this way the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board Foundation can level its communication with the website visitors’ needs. The Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board Foundation cannot identify website visitors’ devices. As host of the service Google can detect this, however, it cannot relate this to privacy-sensitive information. Neither are they allowed to use this information for other purposes or to give third parties access to this without a legal order to do so.

3. Social media cookies are necessary to like posts, share news articles and for your personal status updates on Facebook. More cookies will be placed when you are logged in to Facebook while visiting our website, than when not logged in. In both cases the information provided will be stored for a limited time (90 days) and only used to improve products, not to sell to or share with advertisers without your consent. Information on Facebook can only be shared with your explicit consent.

Cookie lifetime
Most cookies that are being used by are session cookies, meaning they are automatically cleared from your device once you have finished your session (thus when you log out or close the web browser). Persistent cookies vary in their lifetime from several hours until several years. You can clear the persistent cookies via the browser settings.

Cookies of third parties
Both the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board Foundation and other parties can place cookies. Those are only analytics cookies, placed by Google. However, those parties cannot place any cookies without the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board Foundation’s consent.

Rejection of (certain) cookies
You can select whether you accept cookies, and if so, which ones, via your browser (for example Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla of Chrome) settings. For each browser it differs where you can find these settings. Via the ‘help’ function of your browser you can find the exact location and manual.

Keep in mind that when rejecting (certain) cookies, you may not be able to use any, or only part, of the website’s functionalities.

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